2018 Programme


2018 Programme




Welcome remarks


Keynote address: Global landscape of OTC derivatives regulations and domestic implementation

Kazunari Mochizuki, Director for International Financial Markets (Settlements), JAPAN FINANCIAL SERVICES AGENCY


Panel discussion: Collateral and liquidity optimisation under regulatory changes

  • What value can a collateral manager add?
  • How does the view on collateral management and optimisation change over time?
  • How a forward looking collateral inventory helps reduce liquidity risk?
  • What are the latest strategies in maximising capital efficiency and promoting cross-border / cross-currency collateral mobility?

Filippo Santilli
, Managing Director, APAC Head of Sales, Liquidity and Segregation, BNY Mellon Markets, BNY MELLON

Takahiro Mizomoto, Vice President, APAC Service Delivery, BNY Mellon Markets, THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON
Hiroshi Ohno, Managing Director, Relationship Management, BNY Mellon Markets, THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON SECURITIES COMPANY JAPAN LTD.
Hiroaki Okumura, Managing Director, Transaction Services Division, MUFG BANK
Akira Onuma, General Manager, Securities Lending & Management Department, TRUST & CUSTODY SERVICES BANK, LTD.


Coffee break


Presentation: The role the world's biggest repo market plays in a rising interest rate environment

  • The global triparty market
  • U.S. securities financing market and the Fed - normalization policy principles and plans 
  • The status and prospects for Triparty growth in APAC

O'Delle Burke, Executive Director, Head of Collateral Management Product, Investor Services Asia Pacific, J.P. MORGAN


Panel discussion: Evolution of collateral management in Japan

  • G-SIBs: Global vs local booking and funding strategy
  • Collateral mobilisation and liquidity monetisation
  • Variation margin 2.0; MRA, TBA
  • Collateral management role in the expansion of securities lending/ Japanese stock T+2 settlement

Yuichiro Terui, Managing Director, Head of Japan Investor Services Sales, J.P. MORGAN SECURITIES JAPAN CO., LTD.

David Egliskis, Head of Securities Lending Sales Trading, APAC, BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES (JAPAN) LIMITED
James Manning, Head of Portfolio Advisors, APAC, J.P. MORGAN SECURITIES JAPAN CO., LTD.
Kazutaka Tajima, Margin Loan Department, JAPAN SECURITIES FINANCE CO., LTD.
Kenji Takada, Trading Department, NOMURA ASSET MANAGEMENT CO., LTD.


Presentation: Collateral challenges for 2020

  • IM regulation updates
  • Collateral types for IM regulations
  • Preparation for IM management
  • IM management: bilateral or triparty?
  • Preparation for 2020

Toru Hanakawa, Managing Director, Head of Collateral Management - Japan, BNY Mellon Markets, THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON SECURITIES COMPANY JAPAN LTD.




Presentation: Margin requirements - no margin for errors

  • Overview on the expanding mandates for OTC derivatives trading globally
  • Challenges in margin calculation across ETD, OTC cleared and uncleared trades
  • A case for change - current industry practice and the changes required 
  • Optimising cost of collaterals, post-trade validation, risk management and reporting

Masutani Yasuyuki, Principal Consultant, CALYPSO TECHNOLOGY


Fire-side chat: Collateral management - moving valuation to cloud

  • Key findings on pain points in global collateral management survey
  • Roadmap towards regulatory compliance
  • Learning from waive 1 and 2 banks
  • Challenges and implementation observations in the Japanese context

Blake Evans-Pritchard, Deputy Bureau Chief, ASIA RISK 



Panel discussion: Initial margin big bang - what's next?

  • Where does the industry stand in implementing margin requirement rules?
  • What are the challenges faced by regional banks and buy-side firms?
  • What were the lessons learnt from the variation margin big bang?
  • What are the best practices in efficiency and control in margin call, collateral posting and administration?

Blake Evans-Pritchard, Deputy Bureau Chief, ASIA RISK

Teruhiko Kuniyasu, Head of Margin Call and Reconciliation Operations, ALM Department, MIZUHO BANK
Emmanuel Petitjean, Chief Operating Officer, AMUNDI JAPAN
Seiichi Tanaka, General Manager, Wholesale Operations and Procedures Planning Office, MITSUBISHI UFJ MORGAN STANLEY SECURITIES
Hiroaki Usui, Deputy Head of Transaction Legal, Executive Director, NOMURA SECURITIES CO., LTD


Coffee break


Panel discussion: Considerations of pricing CVA into derivatives trades

  • Latest industry view and impact of financial regulations on CVA/ XVA practices
  • Accounting debate over CVA/ XVA
  • Infrastructure and advanced practice of CVA/ XVA desk activities
  • Implementation strategies and roadmap

Moderator/ Speaker:
Shinichiro Itozaki, Senior Manager, Financial Engineering Division, MITSUBISHI UFJ MORGAN STANLEY SECURITIES CO., LTD.

Kuniomi Kimura, Managing Director, Head of Japan BRM, Business Resource Management Department, NOMURA
Satoshi Kumeta, Director, Fixed Income Currency and Commodity (FICC) Department, DAIWA SECURITIES


Panel discussion: Implications of latest regulatory and settlement changes on collateral management operations

  • What are the top challenges in derivatives operations under the current regulatory landscape?
  • What is the impact of T+0 settlement for certain repos has on the Japanese market?
  • What are the latest views and development in Japanese Yen clearing?
  • How are institutes coping with heightened demand in managing documentation and repapering of CSA in derivatives trading?
  • How to improve standardisation of collateral management practices across legal, front, middle and back office?

Seiichi Tanaka, General Manager, Wholesale Operations and Procedures Planning Office, MITSUBISHI UFJ MORGAN STANLEY SECURITIES

Masahiro Ehara, Managing Director, Head of Tokyo Operations, GOLDMAN SACHS JAPAN
Naoki Iida, Collateral Management Group, Inter-Market Settlement Department, SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION
Yasunori Kaneko, Executive Director, MORGAN STANLEY MUFG SECURITIES
Marcus Robinson, Asia Pacific Head of Rates & FX Derivatives, LCH


Closing remarks and end of conference